Tight Area Tree Take Down

Tree removal in most areas presents a challenge. In neighborhoods like yours, trees are often surrounded by other plantings or structures, which require careful maneuvering. If you need a tree removed that is in a “hard to get” location we can expertly climb and lower every branch safely to the ground.

Get help from a reliable, professional tree service specialist. In our years of experience, Mueller Tree Service has come across all manner of difficult areas and we have faced many Tight Area Tree Trimming  and Removal Take down Services of Minneapolis and St. Paulchallenges in gaining access to difficult sections of land.

Gaining access to difficult areas is one of our specialties and we have portable equipment that can reach limited access areas.

With our extensive experience in the industry and the latest equipment, no access is too awkward for Mueller Tree Service. We specialize in areas that have previously been impossible to reach. We can access those awkward areas without damaging the surroundings. No job is out of reach for us to tackle.

Do you find you have a tree situation where you have a tree located near a building and you don’t know how you are going to get it removed? Mueller Tree Service can get into those tight areas and get that tree removed without any structural damage, and without incident.

Are power lines in the area of the growth of your tree? That can be a dangerous situation, and needs to be handled by a professional tree service. We at Mueller Tree Service, have experience in handling power line situations, and have the tree trimmed, or removed safely.

If you have a tree or trees that are in tight situations and hard to reach, we are the tree service for you. Call today for a free estimate on your safe tree removal.

We get in there…when other companies cannot.

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