Emergency Tree Removal

Mother Nature has a way of changing our environment.  We at Mueller Tree Service can help when you find yourself dealing with a tree fallen in your yard or in your street, or your tree in the neighbor’ yard.  We remove trees from all these types of emergency situations:

  • Storm Damage
  • Lightning
  • Tornado
  • Accident or Insurance related incident

You have enough to worry about when Mother Nature strikes. Let us worry about removing your trees.  We are your one stop tree service.  Call us today for a free estimate, and we will take care of all your tree needs. 612-414-0338

Although we are all about saving, protecting and preserving tree, there are times when some trees or a particular tree is no longer an asset to you or becomes a problem or liability to you and it must be removed.

You can also call if:

  • You have a tree hazard-whether it is a single branch or the entire tree
  • A builder or property owner has a tree or limb in the way of construction
  • Perhaps a realtor or property owner needs tree trimming done before a closing, open house
  • An out of town property needs some work done
  • Maybe today is just the day you decide to tackle that tree

Mueller Tree Service is recognized for our technical expertise in the safe removal of trees, including difficult or dangerous trees in any situation.


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