Commercial Tree Services

Mueller Tree Service is a competent tree care service that is dedicated to helping you maintain an appropriate appearance for your business. We have experience with commercial property and can provide you with a variety of tree care services. We have the dedication needed to maintain an exemplary appearance for your business.
Commercial Tree Services of Minneapolis and St. Paul
Mueller Tree Service specialists provide a variety of expert tree care services perfect for enhancing your commercial property’s image. We can suggest and provide ways to balance the health, beauty and safety of your landscape. Tree and lawn care is essential for creating an impression of your business. We have the right equipment and know the proper techniques to help with all of your tree service needs.

Landscape Designers and Builders

Mueller Tree Service offers a variety of services to contractors when a site is being developed. A site evaluation is done and recommendations may be provided. This may include tree removal, tree trimming, or any one of our services.

Landscape Maintenance Contractors

Mueller Tree Service works with any size of maintenance company to enhance their current program. We are available to consult on tree and site issues, correct insect and disease problems, and trim or remove larger trees. We can help new trees along with our trimming services. It would be our pleasure to work with other contractors to provide more complete services.

Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with choosing to leave your tree care in the hands of the professionals. We take pride in our work, knowing that we help produce healthy trees and vibrant landscapes every time. We are available to care for or take down trees if necessary.


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