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Trees are beautiful and part of life’s natural cycle. We revel in their beauty, but often take it for granted. For trees to remain beautiful, they regularly need grooming.

Harsh Minnesota winters can take a toll on trees. Freezing temperatures, wind, and winter sun, can desiccate foliage, brown evergreens, damage bark and vascular tissue, and injure root systems and branches. While some trees have the ability to adapt to various weather conditions, temperature extremes and rapid fluctuations can harm others. Choosing a tree care service can initially seem overwhelming.

Choosing a Tree Care Company

A checklist might include:

    Does the tree care company employ certified arborists?

    Does the tree service company use sensible products and adhere to strict safety standards?

    Does the tree service company have a good reputation in the communities it serves?

    Is the tree service company insured against damage and injury while on your property?

    Does the tree service company have an unconditional guarantee?

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    Is the tree service company large enough to respond to its customers in an emergency?

Now is the time to contact a tree care professional that can get your trees looking their best. Mueller Tree Service can inspect the condition of your landscape and make tree recommendations to preserve the curb appeal and value of your trees and shrubs. They can make sure your trees and plantings are beautiful, healthy and safe all season long.

Tree service experts at Mueller Tree Service provide experience, reliability and expertise in environmentally sensible tree care programs. We are proud to be able to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve by providing unique tree services that preserve and enhance the environment.

Mueller Tree Service is passionate about tree care services, and devoted to the living treasures on the properties we serve.

Mueller Tree Service is ready to help you whether your need is immediate or if you are new to tree service and want to learn more without obligation.

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